Works of Franz Tamayo


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This edition of the Works of Franz Tamayo (La Paz, 1879-1956) contains the essays Creation of National Pedagogy; Proverbs about life, art and science and Notes about the new French art. Poet and politician, during his youth Tamayo spent seasons in France and the United Kingdom. Then he graduated as a lawyer at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. In his early years in politics Franz Tamayo was inclined towards liberalism. He was a founding leader of the Radical Party until its merger with the Conservatives in the 1920s. He was deputy for the Radical Party, president of the House, delegate of the League of Nations and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Later he was elected president of the Republic during the Chaco War. However, he did not take possession due to the military coup of José Luis Tejada Sorzano. Franz Tamayo also directed El Periódico El Hombre Libre and founded El Fígaro. His poetry is the ultimate expression of Bolivian modernism. He also wrote the lyrical tragedies La Prometeida (1917) and Scopas (1939).

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)