Treaty of Idolatries


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In Tratado de las idolatrías, supersticiones y costumbres (Treaty of Idolatries, Superstitions and Customs) Jacinto de la Serna describes the customs of the Aztec indigenous women during pregnancy. As he says, they should not look at the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, because the creature could have cleft lips. Nor could they contemplate executions, for children, would be born with a horrible rope of flesh tied to their throats. This treaty has also been widely cited by experts in psychotropic substances. Serna deals with the different substances that the Indians ingest in their rituals and their text became a reference in the studies on the subject. Trapped between the abomination and the cultural anthropology, at times possessed by an insatiable curiosity, Serna and Hernando Ruiz de Alarcón (also published by Linkgua) constitute the reference authors in the 16th century treatise dedicated to the rituals of the original inhabitants of Mexico .