The Weaver of Segovia


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El Tejedor de Segovia (The Weaver of Segovia) is a comedy by Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, published in the second part of the comedies of  Iuan Rvyz de Alarcón y Mendoza, Rapporteur of the Council of the Indies. (Barcelona: Sebastián de Cormellas, 1634). Dated between 1616 and 1619, El tejedor de Segovia shows Alarcón’s intention to proclaim a good government. Its first part is anonymous and the author’s second original. The characters of this work escape the common mold of the Alarconian characters. The brothers Fernando and Ana Ramírez de Vargas flee from Suero and Julian Peláez, murderers of their father, and take refuge in Segovia pretending to be the son of the weaver Pedro Alonso. They then kill their father’s executioners in just revenge, approved by King Alfonso VI of Castile.

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)