The Story of the Lieutenant Nun


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La historia de la monja alférez (The Story of the Lieutenant Nun) is about Catherine de Erauso, who after leaving the convent of San Sebastian, dressed as a man and went to America, where she reached the rank of lieutenant. She killed many men in duels and quarrels, among them a brother, and had several amorous escapades with other women. She was arrested in Peru and sentenced to death after another of her usual brawls. Then it was learned that she was a virgin the bishop of the region forgave her. On her return to Spain she was received by the king, who respected her military rank and authorized her to use a masculine name. The Pope also allowed her to dress as a man. After these adventures she returned to America, this time to Mexico, opened a business and lived as a man until her death. There are numerous versions of this autobiography including those of Pérez de Montalbán and Juan Antonio Mateos, both published in Linkgua. La historia de la monja alférez is a reference text in feminist studies and on the historical condition of women.