The Ring of Dove


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El collar de la paloma (The Ring of the Dove) is the best-known work of Ibn Hazm, «the philosopher of Cordoba», theologian, jurist, polemicist, scholar, and one of the most brilliant minds in Spain. The collar of the dove is dated in 1022 in the city of Játiva, and according to Ortega y Gasset: «the most illustrious book on the subject of love in the Muslim civilization.» Throughout the thirty chapters that compose this unique and unclassifiable work, where reflections, memories and the reading of chosen poems are mixed, halfway between the treatise, the memories and the poetic anthology, the author talks about the nature of love and of their metamorphoses, of the people who fall in love, of their tricks and their resources, of their allies, of the signs that allow them to be identified … The current reader may be surprised to see that  El collar de la paloma is as classic as El arte de amor of Ovidio and as contemporary as Fragmentos de un discurso amoroso.
The present text was translated by Emilio García Gómez and comes prefaced by José Ortega y Gasset.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)