The Prudent Jealous One


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El Celoso Prudente (The Prudent Jealous One) by Tirso de Molina takes place in Prague. The story tells the anguish of Prince Sigismund, in love with a lady named Lisena. However, his father, the King of Bohemia, wants him to marry Leonora, the princess of Hungary. As usual in the comedies of entanglement Leonora in turn is in love with another character, the infant Alberto, complicating the story to unsuspected levels. El celoso prudente is a work written in seventeenth-century Spain, which reflects a loving ideal of the baroque and is articulated through tricks that lovers invent to face the tyranny of their parents. It should be added that El celoso prudente is one of the three plays included in Los cigarrales de Toledo.

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)