The Mediocre Man


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El hombre mediocre (The Mediocre Man) is made up of lessons on character psychology. In them the author intends to explain how human societies work and establishes and describes three types of characters that he claims exist in any community of human beings: the idealist, the mediocre man, and the inferior man. José Ingenieros did not hide his admiration for the first type but, beyond moral judgments, made the effort to understand the psychological perspective and particularities of each type and its specific role in our societies. He devoted a major part of the work to the second type, the mediocre man, because it constitutes the bulk of society.
José Ingenieros was a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, philosopher, sociologist, and Argentine essayist of Italian origin. He was an inspiration for the University Reform of 1918. His essays include El hombre mediocre and Evolución de las ideas argentinas, and his two posthumous works, Las fuerzas morales and Tratado de amor.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)