The Lovers of Teruel


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Los amantes de Teruel (The Lovers of Teruel) tells a story that happened in the city of Teruel. In Teruel, wedding bells ring out as Diego de Marcilla arrives at the villa. He returns rich and famous after taking part in multiple battles in Spain. Diego has been in love since childhood with Isabel de Segura. But she is from an important family, and he is the second son of a more modest family. However, Isabel’s father agrees to give him five years to enrich himself, after which he will be able to marry Isabel. Upon arriving he discovers that Isabel de Segura has just married. He asks for a kiss but she refuses because now she belongs to another man. Heartbroken from the rejection Diego dies.The next day, at the funeral, Isabel de Segura appears. She approaches her beloved to give him the kiss that denied him life, and from that kiss she too passes away. The tradition assures that the lovers of Teruel died of love, for that reason they were buried together, and together they have remained until today in this work of Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)