The Filibusterism



El Filibusterismo (The Filibusterism) is the second novel written by José Rizal and is the continuation of Noli me tangere. Rizal began writing his novel in 1887. The manuscript was finished on March 29, 1891, in Biarritz.
The book is about the main character from the novel Noli me tangere returning to the Philippines.Crisóstomo Ibarra, turned into the rich and famous jeweler Simoun. Disillusioned by the Spanish abuses, Ibarra convinces Basilio to detonate a bomb at a social gathering, signaling the beginning of a revolution. The novel shows a dilemma, lived by Rizal himself. Can violence be the solution to injustice or is it possible to achieve social changes through pacifist positions?

Reference edition: Barcelona, F. Granada and Cía editores, 1911.