The Bonds of Interest


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In Los intereses creados (The Bonds of Interest) has the tone of a picaresque work with a classic breath. Jacinto Benavente builds a fun and fast plot, which tells the story of two characters (Leandro and Crispin) who arrive in a city and scam after scam get to become local heroes. The vested interests parody the myth of how to get power and notoriety, forging false alliances that serve for others to appreciate the talent, the nobility or the goodness of making people who lack such attributes. In a way, it dissects the way in which vain notoriety allows us to be overrated to the point where, once the game becomes evident, no one dares to admit its own frivolity, pettiness and vainglory.
Jacinto Benavente Martínez was a playwright, director, screenwriter, and producer of Spanish cinema. In 1922, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for persevering the tradition of Spanish theater.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)