The Bolivian Diary


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This new edition of the Diario de Bolivia (The Bolivian Diary), by his grandson Canek Sánchez Guevara, contains new reflections on the last stage of Che’s life and clarifies to the maximum the identities of those involved in his guerrilla and the situations that provoked those events.
This edition has about 400 footnotes with abundant historical information, fragments of other guerrilla newspapers, statements by former CIA agents and the Bolivian armed forces, and a map that summarizes Che’s route in Bolivia.

It may be surprising that the most widespread image of the twentieth century does not represent a rock star, Hollywood star, or a successful businessman or sportsman. Neither a poet, a painter, or a scientist. Ernesto Che Guevara did not direct the destiny of a world power and his image was not the result of a media campaign in the strict sense, although it could be said that it is in itself a campaign with a recognizable message. Che is the rebellious man par excellence but he himself was a minister and banker and led summary trials and executions. He was also an icon of voluntarism, the maximum (or minimum, as you want to see it) expression of the revolutionary action and axis of the construction of a new society.

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