The Black Heralds


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«I was born on a day when God was sick
The introductory poem Los heraldos negros (The Black Heralds) gives a name to the collection of poems and is the anteroom that announces the sorry character and dark tints that the whole book will have. The recent memory of the personal losses of friends and family and the human incomprehension towards the suffering of the neighbor, makes the poetic self submerge in existential anguish.
César Vallejo tries to represent his life experience in its most complete form, expressing the inner nature of emotions without worrying about external reality. He adapts the language to express feelings such as desolation, pain in the desperate search of the moment of love, the blows of life and the disappointments that announce desolation and death.
A deep sadness tarnishes many of his compositions since the beginning of The Black Heralds, for this reason, the gradual distancing of Modernism and other compositions are potent. Faced with beauty, and the color of modernist imagery, there is no room for heartbreaking poetic uncertainty.

«There are blows in life, so powerful… I don’t know!»