The Barrack


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La barraca (The Barrack) by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, takes place in rural Valencia at the end of the 19th century, and recounts the extreme living conditions of peasants in the area. A character, Uncle Barret, can not work in the garden that his ancestors had cultivated for generations because they did not have the resources to pay Don Salvador, the owner of the land. The neighbors of the village, led by Pepeta and Pimentó, are conjured up so that nobody returns to work in that orchard. Some time later Batiste arrives and his family (his wife Teresa and his children Rosette, Batistet and Pasqualet)  oppressed by the misery, settle in there and pay the lease to be able to cultivate the land. Since then they are harassed by the rest of the community, which accuses them of submitting to the demands of Don Salvador.
The harassment reaches its peak when the children of the Batiste family confront other children of the village, and little Pasqualet dies.
A feeling of guilt extends between the community. However, it does not last long. Batiste faces Pimentó in a brawl and a few days later when Batiste is shot, he responds my killing Pimentó. The Batiste barracks are burned down and the family leaves the town.