The Apocryphal Gospels


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The Apocryphal Gospels were written in the first centuries of Christianity and relate to stories about Jesus, which contain episodes that were omitted from the canonical texts. They were not accepted by the Catholic Orthodoxy, and among them are the Dead Sea Scrolls and the texts of Nag Hammadi. They were given the name «Gospels» for their qualities which are similar to the four Gospels admitted into the canon of the New Testament. However, many of them do not have an evangelical style. Some of these writings appeared in gnostic communities with the intention of containing hidden words (or «apokryphos» in Greek). And it should be mentioned that the term apocryphal did not indicate falsehood but mystery. These messages, hidden between the discussions and attributed to Christ, were reserved for the people who were initiated into those communities.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)