The Adventure of the Amazons


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Under the title La aventura del Amazonas (The adventure of the Amazons) an anthology was published that includes this text by Gaspar de Carvajal together with other documents written by other conquerors. To avoid confusion Linkgua has published this anthology with the title of Descubrimiento del río de las Amazonas (Discovery of the Amazon River). This edition of La aventura del Amazonas includes only the chronicle of Carvajal.
The expedition of Carvajal crossed the Andes and went into the Amazon jungle. Pizarro ordered his second in command that fifty men (including Gaspar de Carvajal) descend the Napo River in search of provisions.
They reached the confluence of Napo and Trinidad, but found no supplies. Unable to go back by the force of the current, they decided to continue downstream until they reached the mouth of the Amazon.
The data of the expedition recorded by Fray Gaspar de Carvajal provided information of great ethnological interest on the layout and size of the villages, continuous occupation along the ravines of the river, wide roads that connect the Amazon River with the mainland, tactics of war, rituals, customs, and aboriginal utensils.
Upon his return to Peru, Carvajal was elected subprior of the convent of San Rosario in Lima. In this position, he was chosen to arbitrate between the viceroy, and the auditors of the Royal Audience in 1554. After the pacification of Peru, he was sent by his superiors as a missionary to Tucumán, being named protector of the Indians. This edition contains notes by Luis Augusto Cuervo.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)