Sum and Narration of the Incas


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Suma y narración de los incas (Sum and Narration of the Incas), by Juan de Betanzos, narrates directly the history of the cultures of the Andean territories and also relates meticulously the encounter with the Spaniards. It was written in Cuzco around 1551, very shortly after having been conquered the Inca Empire, from the oral testimonies of old people who kept the memory of the past. It is considered that Suma y narración de los incas is one of the first works of indigenist character. Juan de Betanzos had married Atahualpa’s main wife, which allowed him to relate to the indigenous elites and to know the laws and social order of that world. This edition is based on the text established by Marcos Jiménez de la Espada and contains the notes of this outstanding bibliophile and editor.