Stories of José María Arguedas


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In these Stories of José María Arguedas, one can see the problems that would end up presiding over his writing: the life, hazards, and sufferings of the Indians in the haciendas and villages of the Peruvian highlands. The theme par excellence of his work is the confrontation between two cultures: the Andean of Quechua origin and the urban one of European roots. Born in Andahuaylas, in the heart of the poorest and most forgotten Andean area of the country, he was in contact since childhood with the environments and characters that he would incorporate into his work. For this reason, his work reveals the profound love of the writer for Peruvian Andean culture, to which he owed his earliest training, and represents, without a doubt, the peak of Peruvian indigenism.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)