Spiritual Exercises


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Ejercicios espirituales (Spiritual Exercises) is a work of meditation and prayer in which the founder of the Society of Jesus, from his own experience, acts as a spiritual guide willing to withdraw from the world. The meditations, contemplations, and repetitions throughout the day help one to observe life more clearly and orient towards progressive moral improvement. With the respected texts that influenced the exercises in this book, it’s no surprise that readers are encouraged to practice, rather than read, this book.
San Ignacio de Loyola was the youngest of eight brothers and three sisters. He fought against the French in northern Castile at a very young age, only to have his military career cut short by a cannonball injury to his leg. The recovery was long and painful, and during his convalescence, he read religious texts that altered the course of his life.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)