Songs of Life and Hope


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In Cantos de vida y esperanza (Songs of Life and Hope) the overflowing rhythm, the dazzling metaphors and the suggestive, seductive and colorful use of language, are united to form to the metric and rhythmic discoveries of extreme musicality. The result are poems that sound like exalted symphonies. The aestheticism and usual themes in Rubén Darío reappear in Cantos de vida y esperanza book in its most mature form, with the novelty of presenting some veiled political reproach to American ambitions in Latin America (referring to the invasion of Panama in times of Roosevelt), and contrasting a nostalgic and spiritualist vision of Spain with the materialistic depredation of the United States.

Although the poet himself points out that his interest in these questions is that they are samples of something «universal».
Highlights, among others, the poems «Canción de otoño en primavera», «No obstante…», «A Phocás el campesino», «Nocturno» (two poems), «Soneto autumnal al marqués de Bradomín», «Allá lejos» and «Lo fatal», in which the musicality is reduced to adapt to a much more impressionistic and colorful treatment, with greater transmission of more deep human emotions.