Revista Diáspora(s). Edición facsimilar


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We present in this volume the first facsimile edition of the magazine Diáspora(s) (1997-2002), one of the most relevant documents in Cuban literature of recent decades. The revision of the tradition of the letters of the country, the uncheck of the Literature-Nation axis, the opening of thought to other latitudes, the rescue of displaced voices, or the claim of an independent space for the intellectual of the island, were some of your identity signs His ideo-aesthetic proposals, connected with a desire for revanguardization of writing, stoked the debate at the end of the century, inside and outside the literary field. Despite this, the publication itself was, in fact, not very visible. His clandestine conception, in the manner of the samizdat, caused him to circulate in photocopies and reach a very limited audience. At present, however, the interest in the magazine – and the group that generated it – is reborn in countries such as Cuba, the US, Brazil or Spain, and its importance in the history of Cuban literature has yet to be determined. We accompanied the magazine with the analysis and assessment of various writers and critics who, in a different way, were close to that adventure. We also include the testimony of the authors responsible for the project, the so-called Diaspora group (s).

Edition by Jorge Cabezas Miranda

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)