Poems of Juan de la Cueva


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Poemas (Poems) of Juan de la Cueva includes some of the eclogues and poems of the books cited below. De la Cueva lived in Cuenca, in the Canary Islands, and in Mexico between 1574 and 1577; On his return to Spain, he began writing dramas. He was inspired by Romancero and Greco-Roman mythology and adopted historical and legendary themes. He also wrote twenty-five sonnets, several eclogues, an elegy, a sestine, three madrigals, and two odes, which appear in the song of Flowers of various poetry. The poetic issue, also published by Linkgua, written around 1606 and divided into three epistles, is a Mannerist poetic art in chained third parties. Other works of his are Journey of Sannio, poem of literary criticism; La Muracinda, a burlesque epic narrative of a revenge between dogs and cats in white endecasyllables, the mythological poem in royal octaves Cry of Venus at the death of Adonis, the burlesque mythological narration in royal octaves The loves of Mars and Venus. A collection of his poems was published as Works by Juan de la Cueva (Seville, 1582) and his romances appear in the Febeo Choir of Romances historiales (1587). He was also interested in the epic cult and wrote the poem in twenty-four songs The Conquest of Betica (Seville, 1603), which describes the conquest of Seville by Ferdinand III the Holy.

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)