Poems of José Asunción Silva


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This selection of Poems by José Asunción Silva has three privileged sources: El libro de versos, which he himself ordered and titled; Gotas amargas, which he wanted to keep unpublished; and Versos varios, compendium of the rest of his work. Silva does not seem attracted by the Parnassianism and even less by the own preciosity of the beginnings of the decade of the 1890s (see his satire «Symphony of strawberry color in milk»). Influenced by Poe, Bécquer, and the José Martí of Ismaelillo, Silva is considered a symbolist poet.
The first edition of his poetic work, very adulterated, appeared in Barcelona in 1908, after his suicide (with a vehement prologue by Miguel de Unamuno, which we include in this edition).

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)