Peribáñez and the Comendador of Ocaña


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Peribáñez y el comendador de Ocaña (Peribáñez and the Comendador of Ocaña) is perhaps the most accomplished work of Lope de Vega. It is inspired by popular songs, and its theme is parallel to that of Fuenteovejuna (honor and vindication of justice in the face of exacerbated power), but it offers a more heartfelt and sincere poetry that elevates the dignity of simple people. The work begins with the wedding of Casilda and her lover Peribáñez. The commendador of Ocaña knows her and is captivated by her, after which he tries to conquer her by all possible means, although she resists. There are several episodes of entanglement with different characters, in which Casilda is encouraged to be jealous of Peribáñez, who is sent with deception to a military mission by the commander, in order to take him away from his beloved and be able to access her. But Casilda rejects him again. In the end, those who have conspired with the commander to achieve their objective die at the hands of Peribáñez, alerted to the intrigue. The kings, after listening to the sincere story of the lovers, forgive them.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)