Náhuatl Poems


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Náhuatl is marked by a feeling of servitude and closeness to death, often referred to in the Náhuatl Poems. Men have been born to serve the gods, for that reason Nahuatl poetry includes cosmogonic and ceremonial poems, which celebrate the sun, the gods, love, beauty and heroism. They reflect on the meaning of life and proclaim its brevity. In this language, the expression used to refer to poetry is «flower and song» (in xóchitl, in cuícatl), a compound name that describes several elements of the sacralization of poetry. This play on words refers to an inner dialogue with oneself, with the divine, the world, and the community. Note that in Nahuatl society poets were considered priests or priests who expressed the feelings of the community through these orally transmitted poems.
The most well-known Nahuatl poets are: Nezahualcóyotl, his son Nezahualpiltzin, and the proto-priests Totoquihuatzin, Tochihuitzin and Tecayehuatzin.
The present selection and translation of Poemas náhualt was carried out by Ángel María Garibay.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)