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In Marianela, by Benito Pérez Galdós, the love between a poor and not very graceful girl is told, and Pablo, a man blind from birth. The plot takes place in Socartes, a mining town, and Aldeacorba, where Pablo lives with Don Francisco Penáguilas, his father. The Penáguilas family enjoys an increasing wealth and Pablo is happy together with Nela, his guide; with whom you walk and talk. Nela is a poor orphan who lives with the family of the foreman of the mines, Centeno. She is despised and only feels joy accompanying Pablo. They feel a deep love and Pablo promises to marry her.
Pablo believes that Marianela is a woman of extraordinary beauty. However, Don Teodoro Golfín, a famous ophthalmologist, has arrived at Socartes, with the purpose of healing Pablo. Why does nature, by filling it with material goods, deny it the only thing that can make it happy? At the end of Marianela Paul’s operation and his healing bring about a dramatic outcome.