Hegel. Dialéctica entre conflicto y razón



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ISBN rústica: 9788490073537

In Hegel. Dialéctica entre conflicto y razón (Hegel. Dialectic between Conflict and Reason) Hegel is a key thinker at a key moment in history. Culminates the modern and classic philosophy, at the same time that it inaugurates the contemporaneity. It Overcomes and synthesizes both Enlightenment and Romanticism, making the last great philosophical system of history. Heir to thinkers as diverse as Heraclitus, Aristotle, Spinoza and Kant anticipates Marx and many contemporary thinkers. In a clear and rigorous style, Gonçal Mayos exposes the thought, the work and the life of the German philosopher, always extracting its implications for current thought. He also clarifies erroneous topics that make Hegel incomprehensible and those who influenced and developed his ideas. It unfolds the understandable complexity of someone who reflects from great existential and historical conflicts. The philosopher here analyzed thinks that both knowledge of material reality and knowable reality are ideas, and that history only advances through conflicts that mobilize people with all their interests, desires, passions, that is, «in body and soul», Its institutions and leviathans and their nature, their ideologies and aspirations and their material needs. Thus Mayos shows the richness and capacity of Hegel’s suggestion: a philosopher of the totality to which nothing human is alien to him.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)