Friendship Betrayed


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La traición en la Amistad (Friendship Betrayed) is the unique comedy of María de Zayas, written in verse. It is a story of love and deception; the main characters are Fenisa, Marcia, Belisa, Laura, Gerardo, Juan, and Liseo. The complicity between the female characters is one of the axes of the plot and, among them, Fenisa is the main catalyst of conflicts. The betrayal in the friendship ironizes with the condition of the woman and reflects on the relations between sexes. Besides theater, Zayas wrote two books of short stories (1637, 1647) inspired by the Decameron, by Boccaccio. The stories are told by women and refer to the characters from a female perspective. Zayas denounces the abuses perpetrated against women in the society of seventeenth-century Spain.