Essays by Eugenio María de Hostos


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This selection of essays by Eugenio María de Hostos contains some of his best known texts. Sketches of a more literary nature are also included. Considering that they deserve a place in the Latin American reflexive tradition. These Essays of Hostos include his essay on Hamlet, some dialogical vignettes or very documentary texts. Reflections on «The scientific education of women»; the condition of «El Cholo» or the Battle of «Ayacucho».
Among the essays gathered here, we highlight «The Abolition of Slavery in Puerto Rico», in which Hostos analyzes the parliamentary debate that decided the liberation of slaves in his country. Next we quote a passage. The reader will have here a clear idea of how meticulous and varied the thought of Hostos is. And you will see many of the issues that Hostos discusses are to create a good government and beneficial laws in Latin America.

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)