Ecclesiastical Indiana History


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La Historia eclesiástica Indiana (Ecclesiastical Indiana History) is a chronicle of the evangelization of Mexico. The royal house prevented its publication due to the criticism of Jerónimo de Mendieta to the colonization of the New World and the text was not known until 1870.
Although with a certain paternalism, Mendieta denounces in this book the excessive desire for wealth hidden behind the Christian purposes of certain conquerors and draws an idyllic panorama in which the reactions of the aborigines before the arrival of the Spaniards is distant from reality. Jerónimo de Mendieta entered the Franciscan order in 1554 and went to Mexico as an evangelist. He returned to Spain in 1570, only to return to America three years later, never to return to Europe.

(Description has been translated into English, Book edition is in Spanish)