Dialogues of Luis Vives


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The Diálogos (Dialogues) on education are a collection of short conversations, written by Joan Llui­s Vives, and dedicated to the future Spanish emperor Felipe II, with the intention of instructing the monarch in morals, good customs, as well as giving him a greater and deeper knowledge of the society of his time.

Luis Vives says at the beginning of his Dialogues addressing the young Prince Felipe:

«For the knowledge of the Latin language I wrote these first exercises, which I hope will be useful to the children, and I thought I should dedicate them to you, Prince docile and great hope, and this for you and for the kindness that your father always showed me , that educates your mind excellently in the straight customs of Spain, which is my country, whose conservation will be tomorrow credited to your probity and wisdom.»

Vives was born in Valencia in 1492, in a relevant family of the Jewish community that converted to Christianity to protect its integrity and properties.

However, the Vives practiced Judaism in a synagogue that they had in their home until they were discovered in full religious office and were condemned by the Inquisition.

In 1509, his father decided to send him to Paris, where he studied at the Sorbonne and graduated 1512 with a doctorate degree. At that time he went to Bruges and there he received the news that his father had been executed at the stake.

Despite this tragedy Vives had a relevant influence on the Spanish Court, through its Dialogues.

(Description has been translated into English, book edition is in Spanish)