Cuba in the Peace of Versailles


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Cuba in the Peace of Versailles (Cuba en la paz de Versalles) is a speech given in the House of Representatives during the meeting of February 4, 1920 by Fernando Ortiz, vice president of the Chamber for the Liberal Party. As a politician, he fought for the establishment of democracy through electoral processes that would ensure the restoration of freedom in Cuba. In his speech in the House of Representatives he denounced the lack of commitment of the League of Nations to protect the Cuban identity and the situation faced by the most vulnerable nations.
Fernando Ortiz joined the Liberal Party in 1915. In 1931, as the number of politicians from his party showing their support for the dictator Gerardo Machado grew, he broke with his colleagues and went into exile in the United States. There, he conducted remarkable studies on Afro-Cuban culture and the island’s traditions, and his essays on the African presence in Cuba are key to the field of gender studies.