Yawar Party

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Published in 1941, Yawar Fiesta (Feast of Blood) is the first novel by Peruvian writer José María Arguedas. It is one of the most representative works of the indigenist literary movement. Here Arguedas makes a stylized fusion of the Spanish and Quechua language. It aims to describe as plausibly as possible the situation of the Andean peoples of Peru, in particular the peoples of the Central and Southern Highlands.
The work corresponds to the reality that reigned throughout the first half of the twentieth century. At that time in Peru there was a marked racial discrimination, between the landowners (bosses) and the peasants. Thus the economic oligarchy tried to impose its customs on the native peoples of Peru. Meanwhile, the Indians struggled to maintain their own idiosyncrasies.
The narrative knot of Yawar Fiesta is the cultural conflict that happens when the town of Puquio (highlands in southern Peru) wants to celebrate their traditional Andean bullfight (turupukllay) for the Fiestas Patrias in the thirties of the twentieth century. However, the new authorities have received a circular from the government to prevent this bullfight as a barbaric tradition.
The only option for the comuneros is to accept a bullfight in the Spanish way with the participation of a bullfighter from the Peruvian capital.
According to critics, it is the most accomplished of Arguedas’s novels, from the formal point of view. The author’s effort to offer a version as authentic as possible of Andean life is appreciated, without resorting to the conventions and paternalism of the previous indigenist literature of denunciation.

In the novel Yawar party (Bloody Party) culminates the process of searching for a style in which the millenary Quechua language managed to transpose Castilian and become an instrument of sufficient and free expression to reflect the exploits, thought, loves and hates of the Andean people of Spanish-Indian descent. Not only of the monolingual Quechua-speaking crowd but that of the heirs of the conquerors who in four centuries were medullarly influenced by the living and pulsating Andean universe in the indigenous language.
In this novel the reader will be able to feel, will be able to smell and even be confused, to penetrate, with the so deep and very original confluences and conflicts between the European and the oldest Andean civilization. These confluences and conflicts are vivid in the narrated events, very singularly epic, as singular are the agents that trigger these adventures.

Jose Maria Arguedas

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