Works by José de la Luz y Caballero III

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José de la Luz y Caballero was born on July 11, 1800, in Havana, Cuba, and died on June 22, 1862. He was considered a teacher par excellence and a trainer of consciences, because he magnified the sense of Cuban nationality. The thought of José de la Luz y Caballero focuses on the importance of deepening knowledge and communication to merge scientific truth with the feeling of patriotism in man.
His works appeared in newspapers and magazines. Alfredo Zayas was in charge of collecting, in 1890, some of his works in two volumes under the title of Works of José de la Luz y Caballero.
The best synthesis of his life is summed up in this brief aphorism: “Anyone can instruct, only those who are a living gospel can educate.”
José de la Luz y Caballero was director of the Colegio de San Cristóbal or Carraguao, but all experiences and educational knowledge were fully executed when he founded, on March 27, 1848: El Salvador. Francisco de la Luz y Duarte said of this institution:

“El Salvador was not a proper school; It was more, much more, it was rather a temple where the faithful gathered to hear the word life of an apostle; It was like an oasis in the middle of the desert; it was all of Cuba in the middle of the factory, of the colony: there was freedom and democracy.”

The first headquarters of the school was in the Cerro neighborhood, but in 1850 it was closed due to the cholera epidemic that hit the country that year. However, all Havanans remember the glorious era of the headquarters.
El Salvador reopened its doors in 1853, this time in the house of Teniente Rey. Such were the teachings of the teacher and the prestige of the school that soon this space was insufficient and in 1858 they returned to Cerro de la Calzada, reaching an enrollment of 400 boarding students. Independence heroes such as Ignacio Agramonte studied in El Salvador. His great merit lay in revolutionizing teaching with new methods, leaving behind the routine and outdated system of a colonial Cuba.
In this third volume are collected, through his writings, the education system and the organization chart that was applied in this innovative teaching method.

This edition of the Works of José de la Luz y Caballero contains notes from the editions of Alfredo Zayas, Roberto Agramonte and Alicia Conde.

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