Works by Franz Tamayo

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ISBN paperback: 9788490077023

This edition of the works of Franz Tamayo (La Paz, Bolivia, 1879-1956) contains the following essays

  • Creation of the national pedagogy;
  • Proverbs on life, art, and science.
  • and the Notes on the new French art.
  • Creación de la pedagogía nacional summarizes a series of articles published in El Diario de La Paz that lay the foundations of his thinking. Tamayo handles the concept of race and takes the capacities of the white, the cholo and the Indian (expressions now obsolete on the scientific level) as natural faculties from birth. Tamayo is, in any case, a promoter of the study of indigenous culture. He defends its inclusion in pedagogical plans, although little is said about its cultural aspect, strictly speaking.
    Creation of national pedagogy is one of his most polemic essays because, contrary to what Alcides Arguedas stated in “Pueblo enfermo”, it deals with aspects of education in Bolivia from an indigenous and national perspective; it is an authentic philosophical essay that, due to its transcendence and the impact it had -and still has-, deserves a deep analysis and a separate note.
  • Proverbs on life, art and science is a collection of proverbs where he exposes in a condensed form his philosophical thought and moral doctrine.
  • Notes on the new French art, arebrief reflections on French art and literature, making some incursions into Nietzschean thought in relation to French savoir faire.

Poet and politician, it should be noted that during his youth Tamayo spent time in France and the United Kingdom. He later graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.
In his early years in politics Franz Tamayo leaned towards liberalism. He was a founding leader of the Radical Party until its merger with the Conservatives in the 1920s. He was a deputy for the Radical Party, president of the Chamber, delegate to the League of Nations and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Later, he was elected president of the Republic during the Chaco War. However, he never took office due to the military coup of José Luis Tejada Sorzano.
Franz Tamayo also directed the newspaper El Hombre Libre and founded El Fígaro.
His poetry is the maximum expression of Bolivian modernism. He also wrote the lyric tragedies La Prometeida ( 1917) and Scopas (1939).

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