Women’s Paradise

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Women’s Paradise (El paraíso de las mujeres), by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, tells the story of Edwin Gillespie, a young engineer in love with Miss Margaret Haynes, daughter of a rich potentate. The girl reciprocates his love, but his mother only approves of the relationship between them if Edwin is able to get rich.
Edwin decides to leave for Australia, hoping to make his fortune. His ship is wrecked off the coast of Tasmania, and he arrives at an unknown beach that belongs to the country of Lilliput. After a few early episodes influenced by Gulliver’s Travels, it becomes clear that in the two centuries between Gulliver’s arrival in Lilliput and that of Edwin Gillespie, a lot has happened.
In Women’s Paradise a female rebellion has rendered all weapons useless, and now women have men under absolute submission.

Edwin Gillespie, a young engineer from New York, had been sailing for several weeks aboard one of the English ships that make the race between San Francisco and Australia.
I had never known such a sad journey. He remembered with sweet nostalgia his sailing three years earlier, from the United States to the shores of France, when he was an officer in the American army and was going to war against the Germans. That journey was dangerous; there was continuous vigilance on board for fear of submarines and floating mines; but Gillespie then had as inseparable companions the joy of a youth eager for adventures and the enthusiasm of one who will expose his life for a generous ideal.
Now he carried despair and boredom as invisible fellow travelers, and when he managed to flee from one, he fell into the arms of the other. He had embarked hastily, believing he found his fortune far from the United States; But he felt more and more sad as he moved away from his homeland.

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