Where there are no grievances there is no jealousy

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Where there are no grievances there is no jealousy, by Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla, tells a story of entanglements in which love, desire, revenge, social differences, deception, grievances … Thus a labyrinth of stories is traced from which one only emerges at the end.
The argument is described below. The character of Don Juan returns to Madrid from Flanders with Sancho, his funny and brute servant. After passing through Burgos and receives the sad news of the death of his brother and the disappearance of his sister Doña Ana.
Later, one night, while going to look for his fiancée, Doña Inés de Rojas, whom she knows only from a portrait, learns that the lady has mistakenly received, not her own portrait but that of her servant Sancho.
Where there are no grievances there is no jealousy reaches at this point the climax of tragedy and entanglement. However, towards the last part of the work Rojas Zorrilla is resolving each of the threads of his story to lead us to a surprising ending.

Day one

(Sancho and don Juan leave, on the way, with boots and spurs.)

Sancho: Or is it that you have become demonized,
or is that what you do you ignore;
In court and at this time,
What are you looking for newcomer?
Where does your speech go?
What are you trying to do?

Don Juan: Silent, fool; this must be
the great street of Alcalá,
what a troubled butterfly
He looked for my flame or my star.

Sancho: What do you want to do in it?

Don Juan: My wife is to live here.

Sancho: We must lose the trial
if there are any that we lose.
Don’t we roast and already pringamos?
At the first woman stopper?
That you are tired imagine;
See that the twelve have given.
Have they walked so flat?
my morlón and your frontina?
We return, by God, we can
to sleep at the inn
that we already left taken.

Don Juan: While we don’t know
Which of these houses is
(be it love or sleeplessness)
Where the sky is hidden
of my beautiful Doña Inés,
you may well have by the way
that there will be no rest the same.

Sancho: Remember, mortal man,
that today we have passed the Port,
and by the blessed God
that you remember for yourself,
what’s from Burgos here
very long forty-two;
and don’t be so reluctant,
about boyfriend, who weighs on me,
that you take so priesa today,
which has to be so slow.

Don Juan Alas, Sancho! than its beauty
Even painted, it has burned me.

Sancho Man who has fallen in love
no more than for the paint,
because punishing begins
his loving shamelessness,
Being brought out to shame
of disappointment deserves.
Tell me, Lord, by your life,
Engage or not the primer,
Does the painter have to paint you
If it is your snooty woman,
whether she is foolish or demure;
Be loyal
Very solicitous brush
if it is dirty or disheveled?
Will you collect from the brush
(as much as it warns elegant),
if you have teeth in front,
If you save Corcova back?
Notice the portrait
with curious perfection
what is in his inclination,
What will you find in their deal?
For this is only to be,
even if you want to blame more,
What to consider
in a woman herself;
Well, if you haven’t found out,
(of your enemy jealousy),
None of this I tell you,
What have you fallen in love with?

Fragment of the work

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