What you hear from a chair in El Prado

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ISBN ebook: 9788498975536
Typographic rustic ISBN: 9788496428874

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What you hear from a chair in El Prado. Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

“What a beautiful night!
“And how hot it was today… Imagine that this morning…
“Very good evening…
“Well, yes, sir; as I was saying to you…
“Ha! Ha! Ha!
“Have you met that one?” It’s the one that last year…
“Water, brandy and sugar! Water!
“Girls! Girls! Slow down!
“Be careful, Arthur; Mom calls us!
“Matilda, you are an angel… You are a goddess… You are one…
“But, man! That woman is a harpy! Gustavo had to divorce…
“Bouquets and camellias! The rod of spikenard to two reals! Sir, buy me one…
“Here they go! She’s! Tighten the pace… Blessed be grace!
“Here they come! They are… What fools!
“Gentleman! That I have no father! An alms for God’s sake!
“The correspondence!
“Well, I’ve been unemployed ever since… This is no country!
“Boy! Boy! Good nougat! And how did you manage them?
“It’s a very nice painting. But I like the one better in which Pepita Jiménez and the theologian…
“What you hear. He died intestate and I was entitled to half of the inheritance. I had never spoken to him before…
“I think the same. The crisis is infallible. We cannot go on like this! Cristino will be minister before a month.
“And what did you do?” Did you return his letter with a bullet?
“I gave him two canes, and in peace! It wasn’t his fault, but she…
“Well, they say the Carlists are in Guadalajara…
“I don’t care… This is horrifying!
“Miss! Meringues! Just done…
“Goodbye. I’m going to the Retiro concert. That will be fresher.
“Oh! If only I found a woman who understood me! A woman…!
“Alas! If I found a man worthy of being loved! A man…!
“Today the game is closed. Buy it from me, sir, you’re going out!
“Then he squeezed my hand and expired… He was twenty-six years old.
“Poor Adelaide!
—Well, I classify them differently: Frascuelo is Shakespeare, and Lagartijo is Corneille. Frascuelo represents a revolution in art, while Lagartijo…

Fragment of the work

Reference edition: Madrid, Sucesores de Rivadeneyra, 1920.

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