What Women Are is a Play

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What Women Are is a Play (Lo que son las mujeres) by the Spanish playwright Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. This type of theatrical work, typical of Spain’s Golden Age, focuses on religious and moral themes while also exploring the complexities of human behavior and social relationships.
In the first “journey” or act, the characters Serafina and Rafaela discuss the future of Doña Matea, Serafina’s sister. Serafina’s concern about her sister’s frivolous behavior towards men leads her to insist that she should be sent to a convent. This dialogue highlights not only the strict moral and social codes of the time but also the tension between familial expectations and individual freedom.
The play stands out for its keen focus on attitudes and perceptions about women in society at that time. Serafina’s critique of her sister is not just a reflection of moral standards, but also a commentary on how the traits and behaviors of women were valued and judged, often in contradictory and restrictive ways.
Stylistically, Rojas Zorrilla uses language that is both poetic and direct, allowing the characters to express their emotions and moral dilemmas in a way that resonates with the audience. His skill in weaving together themes of morality, religion, and human relationships within a single act demonstrates his mastery of dramaturgy.
The debate between Serafina and Rafaela about whether or not to send Doña Matea to a convent is particularly revealing. It illustrates the duality between religious duty and social expectations and raises questions about the role of individual agency against these powerful forces. The debate is both a reflection of the concerns of the time and a timeless exploration of the ethical and emotional dilemmas faced by women.
What Women Are is a Play by Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla is a complex work that offers a window into the moral, social, and emotional tensions of its era, while also raising issues that remain relevant today. With its well-drawn characters and incisive dialogue, the play stands as a testament to Rojas Zorrilla’s ability to tackle complex themes with empathy and depth.

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