What the Kings Brought

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What the Kings Brought. Emilia Pardo Bazan

The large toy store showed a plaque where, at night, in bright characters, read: The Magi.
Since Christmas approached, the children who walked through the crowded street always wanted to stop in front of the window of Los Reyes Magos. At that time it was presided over by the kings themselves, championing in the most visible place, and tearing the public, and not only the child, exclamations of admiration. No wonder.
Well modeled faces and heads, they had that expression of reality that makes the dolls look like people. Their hair and beards were natural hair; their glass eyes, in which they followed a tradition of old Spanish imagery. And so thoroughly were those eyes made, that you could notice the wet glow and the fascinating look of human pupils. Positively, the kings looked at the children glued to the window, and, to the play of electric lights, it was even said that they smiled at them.
There were the kings lavishly and orientally dressed, of gold and silver brocades, imitation embroidery of pearls and precious stones, and behind the three figurines, three dromedaries raised their humps, support of a basket full of flashy toys: harlequins, winking mamarrachillos, pale pierrots, blond dolls, crying babies and with their bottle next to them, dogs, whose wool was authentic, and sick with their robes, where the red cross bled.
To complete the list of anachronisms, the tires of a car and the fins of an airplane also appeared from the edges of the basket. And the kings, calm, full of paternal kindness, laughing the negrito with all his teeth, whiter than pine nuts, presided over such an exhibition, that of the baskets and that of the showcase, where all the varieties of the air of amusing childhood were crowded, skillfully placed to tempt the desire and caprice of the little ones.
Reproduced in appropriate sizes, all useful or pleasant things overflowed from the tempting showcase. It was a seduction of life, with needs, enjoyments, conflicts, advances and struggles.

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