What Mass Can Hear

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What Mass Can Hear (Lo que puede el oír misa) is a theatrical comedy of religious cut by Antonio Mira de Amescua. The work reflects the game of appearance and concealment of reality to the extent of supplanting a human personality with a supernatural entity.
What Mass Can Hear is a theatrical work by Antonio Mira de Amescua, a Spanish playwright from the Golden Age. In this religious-themed comedy, the author presents a plot that plays with the concepts of appearance and the concealment of reality.
The story focuses on the power of attending Mass and its impact on the lives of the characters. The device of substituting a human personality with a supernatural entity adds an element of intrigue and mystery, amplifying the dramatic tension of the play.
In the tradition of Golden Age comedies, What Mass Can Hear is characterized by its lyrical and poetic language, as well as by its treatment of religious and moral themes. In its time, this work would have served not only to entertain but also to instruct the audience on the importance of attending Mass and spiritual life.

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