Weeping of Venus at the death of Adonis

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In 1582 was published Llanto de Venus a la muerte de Adonis by Juan de la Cueva, a mythological poem in royal octaves. In this version, Mars, knowing that Venus despises him for being in love with Adonis, transforms into a boar and kills the boy. The gods try to console Venus in her crying and, being impossible to bring Adonis back to life, the goddess transforms him into a purple flower:

“To the point, the meadow seemed covered
of red poppies produced
of the royal blood of the dead young man
to his name from there offered.”

Weeping of Venus at the death of Adonis

The bitter weeping and painful death,
the sad feeling and misfortune,
The Sorrows of the Fearful Soul
and the young man in unjust burial;
the daughter of the great mighty Jove
that in bloom returned the form and beauty
of his dear and desired lover,
Apollo inspires me to sing in his lyre.

If your wit is high and ecelent
admit my painful singing
and the cry of the most powerful goddess
who dwells in the heaven of immortal rest,
will see Jove president go down
From the celestial Mighty Consilio
to Neptune leave scepter and government,
and the tartarean god of horrible Hell.

Excerpt from the text

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