Venetian Intrigues

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Venetian Intrigues, by José María Blanco White, has two key characters, Alberto, a young German who arrives in Venice and who after squandering his money in gambling and the bad life is involved in a plot full of intrigues; and Friar Gregory, a monk whose past everyone does not know:

“From his history, what was known in the convent was only that, being some years before in Naples as a soldier in one of the Spanish thirds, he had withdrawn from the world taking the habit of the conventuals of San Francisco. Restless, it seems, and desirous of fleeing from himself, he had sought to be sent to Jerusalem, where he remained for some time. Called again by his superiors to Europe, he had been in Venice for about three or four years, where his retirement and the internal turmoil which seemed to be his origin had visibly grown.”

Both characters are caught in a conspiracy and both ignore the bond that unites them. Only at the end of the story does the author reveal who they are and how life has disrupted their destinies to the point of being eternal victims of the same enemy.

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