Uses and benefits of the Tamames waters

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Diego de Torres Villarroel wrote:

“Among the many and famous medicinal springs that are discovered and examined in our Spain, I doubt that there are others as prodigious and of visible virtues as that of Tamames; because besides being its waters an almost universal medicine, soft, gentle and cheap against the most common ailments and complaints of our bodies, they are also preservative of health, yielding to those who drink it, as well from the diseases it currently cures, as from others in which nature may fall.”

On the use and benefits of the waters of Tamames and the baths of Ledesma, and first of all of the common water and its differences.
The generous names of water of life, optimal, admirable, angelic, golden water and others of similar nobility with which the chemists baptize their compositions, have unworthily stolen them from the pure elemental water, because only to its most general virtue such noble surnames are proper and peculiar to it. The purgative, concoctive, refreshing and comforting substances that we wish to create in their mixtures, are more visible in the usual water that God, the Physician of Physicians, composed for the preservation of our life, the recreation of our taste and the only relief of our anxieties and ailments. The salts, the earths, the sulphurs, the mercuries, and all the other principles that are sought and distilled from animal, vegetable and mineral bodies for their composition, all and infinite others that our Philosophy does not penetrate nor know, are enjoyed by the water that we drink. The mordacity of coals, the softness of bitumens, the penetration of nitres, the promptness of azogues, and all the forces with which the other inhabitants of the middle region of the earth are clothed, it partakes of them all and becomes infested; for through the conduits and channels by which it slips to the surface, it sucks and reduces to its essence a great deal of its imperceptible and admirable substances. In the rivers, wells, fountains and lagoons, presented to the commerce of the air, it receives and retains in the same way the individual conditions of the stars, the sweetness of the wind, the fragrance of the leaves, and finally, with the infinite preciousness of the vegetation, the frequent blowings of the animals that sip it, and the useful wastes of all that are produced, bathed and recreated in its centers and currents; So that water, in my understanding, is nothing other than a liquid powerfully infused with the virtues of the stars, the winds, the metals, the branches, the seeds, the brutes, and of all the visible and conjectural entities in all the lower and upper realms of the world.

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