Two Stories of Tristán de Jesús Medina

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This selection contains the stories:

  • Mozart rehearsing his Requiem
  • and The Innocents.

Mozart rehearsing his Requiem is perhaps the most valuable of the stories of Tristan de Jesus Medina. It appeared in Madrid, at the Fortanet Press, in 1881. The story echoes two obsessions that the Cuban cultivated throughout his existence: the passion for music and the romantic obsession for love-friendship that should permeate all things.
The text bets on the spiritual overcoming of pain through the creative will, evident in the life and work of Mozart, in whose approach veracity and idealization converge. Also the human feelings of various kinds that suffered or of which the great composer was subjected, elevated to a high aesthetic category.
It is even possible to know Mozart’s personality through the psychological profiles of the women who were part of his life. Beyond this, the author tries to unveil something of the complicated quagmire of human feelings and passions, placing greater emphasis on love.
Mozart rehearsing his Requiem is greatly influenced by the best of German romanticism; But it already points to some modernist topics. The aforementioned mysticism appears. It is expressed in the cult of divinity, through the contemplation of artistic beauty and the immersion of the subject within his own spiritual being.
As in his poetic pieces, the song to death is present as the crowning of life and perfection of the eternal.
The innocents is another of Tristán de Jesús Medina’s texts that best reflect his inner world. Under the title of The Innocents we find four short stories:

  • ‘Snow’,
  • “The angel of children”,
  • “The mother of children”
  • and “A Violin Box”.

All of them resort to the same space and the same characters. A cold, snowy and poor Madrid. A protagonist, in first person, who walks the icy streets stumbling upon scenarios where the main actors are children who survive in an urban landscape, marked by misery. It is an intimate portrait, at times raw and stark, without moralizing pretensions.

Jesús Medina did his academic training in Havana and Philadelphia. He studied Latin and Greek. He soon published in the newspaper El Redactor his novel Una lágrima y una gota de rocío. In 1852 he began to publish in the newspaper El Orden his novel A Young German.
And in 1854 he edited the notebooks No me olvides, written almost entirely by him, where he published the first chapters of his novel El Doctor In-Fausto and some poems. He collaborated in Diario de La Habana, Revista de La Habana and La verdad Católica. Medina lived in search of a transcendent truth that should emerge through literature.

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