Two Stories by Calvert Casey

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Calvert Casey was born in Baltimore in 1924, but grew up primarily in Cuba. He then lived in New Mexico, New York and Europe working as a translator for the United Nations. He returned to Cuba in the late fifties.
Among Calvert Casey’s stories is one that poetically reveals the terrible tragic force that seemed to guide this Cuban writer. Casey committed suicide at the age of forty-five in Rome.
It is “The Return”, a story that is at the same time a story of the impossibility of knowing how to be. And it also shows that the return from exile is not entirely possible.
The protagonist of his story, wants to achieve what he had left behind, in a search that ends tragically. The character compares his New York life with the Cuban life of the inhabitants of the island, he sees them happier, more at peace.
Above all, he thinks he sees that they know how to be with themselves and so he manifests it.

“These people knew how to be. The phrase was repeated several times: they knew how to be, they knew how to be, rejoicing in the happy discovery. In that cold North, he had lost the old art of knowing how to be (the phrase there was even untranslatable) and he would have to learn it again, patiently, lovingly.”

In the story “In Partenza” constructed in the first person, Casey tells us about the night before the start of a long journey. This complements the ritual of “The Return”. In this story is added, to the dream world of the first, a séance that the narrator first sees with joy. However, this leads to tragedy or, rather, to a harbinger of tragedy.
We believe that these Two Stories by Calvert Casey are not a summary of his work. On the other hand, they do place an edge of their sensitivity.
Casey was, according to Italo Calvino,

“A writer for whom literature was a subtle exploration between life and death”

and a reflection on the

“edges, excesses and the various senses of a beyond the order of the natural or the normal”.

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