Two Loves

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Cirilo Villaverde is universally remembered and recognized for what is considered his masterpiece, the novel Cecilia Valdés, an excellent portrait of Cuban culture in the first decades of the nineteenth century.
That is not why we must forget minor works by Villaverde that show in detail the customs and atmosphere of his time. This is, without a doubt, the case of Two Loves, written in 1843. This type of costumbrista and popular story, contributed decisively to the consolidation of the genre in his country.
The plot, very much in line with the folkloric plots, is not characterized by its originality, but offers us a succession of popular scenes of accentuated local color. The story Two Loves is so simple that it can be summarized in a few words:
Perez, a businessman who has three daughters, is stripped of his fortune by a trusted employee.
Theodore Weber, of whom we know almost nothing until the end of the play, is in love with the eldest daughter, Celeste, and fortunately can save the father from total ruin.

On a quiet morning in April, 1836, at the hour when the sun illuminates only the towers of the city, and the shade of the houses covers the mischievous streets; in which the proclamation of the street vendors and the noise of the carriages begin to be heard in them, at the same time as the footsteps of the people who go to the markets, or go to the temples or go to their businesses; in which the sky looks as pure blue as a velvet mantle, and white clouds are seen from stretch to stretch, appearing the tails of kites, fading into space at the blow of the morning breezes; at this hour, we say, down the street of Compostela, among the several passers-by, was a man of mature age, accompanied by three young men, of whom the youngest was barely eight years old, and the oldest seventeen.
This one, of medium height, thin, with black hair, made a brace on the back of her head, her shoulders covered with a black silk blanket, in a white muslin suit, carried the lead, holding one of the girls by the hand. The other, who appeared to be the youngest, was led in the same way by man, and both wore brown hair made braids, loose at the back, with a ribbon of white ribbon at each end, to the use of the villagers of Europe.

Reference edition: La joven de la flecha de oro y otros relatos, Havana, Letras cubanas, 1984.

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