Turbo Humans

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Turbo Humans: A reflective journey at the speed of change and uncertainty by Gonçal Mayos
In the book Turbo Humans, Gonçal Mayos offers us a deep and evocative exploration of the challenges and contradictions of contemporary life. The author is inspired by the words of Zygmunt Bauman and the disturbing spirit of liquid modernity. Mayos invites readers to reflect on fate, meaning and obsolescence in a world where permanence seems to fade.
With skillful and thoughtful prose, Mayos weaves philosophical ideas to address the acceleration of change and the transience of current experiences. He quotes the foreboding words of Paul Valéry, which resonate in a society where interruption and incoherence are the norm, and surprise becomes a prevailing necessity.
Mayos introduces the concept of Turbo Humans to describe those facing the overwhelming speed of technological and social progress. These individuals yearn to adapt to an ever-changing world, but their ability to take on challenges is constantly undermined by the intensity of the modern rhythm. Worries like stress and burnout syndrome are intertwined with obsolescence and the struggle to make sense.
The author explores the notion of meaning in a world where everything seems to lack a fixed destination. Contrasting the past, where life was destiny and provided satisfaction, with the present, where the search for destiny faces impossibility, the work delves into how vertiginous change collides with the idea of a life anchored in a lasting sense.
Through poetic images and philosophical reflections, Mayos creates a mosaic of thoughts that explore the human condition in uncertainty. The paradigm of the “turbo human” calls to face the current reality, where existence is molded with torrents that erode and destroy previous bases.
With Turbo Humans, Gonçal Mayos urges us to question our role in an era of accelerated change. The book transcends words and immerses in a deep reflection on existence in a world where time flows like an impetuous torrent. Its pages challenge us to explore the human essence in an environment where stillness seems ephemeral and meaning vanishes in the face of constant transformation.

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