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El tungsteno is a novel by César Vallejo with a marked social pretension. The plot takes place in the first decades of the 20th century. The North American Mining Society owns the Quivilca tungsten mines. It is determined to extract the ore, in the face of the imminent entry of the United States into World War I.
For this reason, Indian laborers and employees are hired from Colca. They and the company’s managers settle in a place close to the Soras’ cabins. In an indigenous community that had always lived apart.
The Marino brothers’ bazaar is a frequent meeting place for the mine’s managers. In one of these sessions, José Marino gives his lover Graciela (“La Rosada”) to commissioner Baldazari to “take care” of her during his trip. It is an obscure exchange of favors.
The encounter ends with the rape and death of the young woman, in the midst of an orgy of alcohol and abuse. Here’s a dramatic twist.
In the face of the flight of mine workers. Two young Indians, Isidoro Yepez and Braulio Conchucos, are captured and dragged to Colca to appear. Due to the mistreatment suffered, Braulio dies in front of everyone.
The crime provokes a popular uprising repressed by the gendarmes, with deaths and injuries. Several Indians go to the dungeons.
Tungsten ends with political reflections between two characters: Servando Huanca and Leonidas Benites. They speak of the world revolutionary movement and the promised day when all exploiters will receive exemplary justice and workers will be free.

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