True Review of the Philippine Revolution

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Emilio Aguinaldo knew closely the events he relates in his True Review of the Philippine Revolution. This book describes the vicissitudes of the founding of the Republic of the Philippines, proclaimed on June 12, 1898. At the beginning of the Spanish-American conflict, Filipino nationalists lent their aid to the United States in the hope of achieving the country’s independence after the Spanish defeat.
The United States, however, refused to grant independence to the nationalists. Then a bloody war broke out that provoked a revolution aimed at founding a Republic in the Philippine archipelago. Aguinaldo intends with this work to attest to the legitimacy of the Philippine rebellion against the United States army.

“Spain dominated the Philippine Islands for more than three and a half centuries, during which, abuses of the frailocracy and the Administration ended the patience of the natives, forcing them on August 26 to 31, 1896, to shake off such a heavy yoke, initiating the revolution in the provinces of Manila and Cavite.
In such glorious days rose Balintawak, Santa Mesa, Kalookan, Kawit, Noveleta and San Francisco de Malabon, proclaiming the independence of the Philippines, followed, after five days, by all the other peoples of the province of Cavite; without there being a previous concert to execute the movement, attracted without a doubt by the noble example of those.
As far as the province of Cavite is concerned, although written summons orders signed by Don Agustín Rieta, Don Cándido Tirona, and myself, lieutenants of the revolutionary troops, were circulated, however, there was no assurance that they would be heeded, nor even received; as in fact, one of these orders fell into the hands of the Spaniard Don Fernando Parga, military political governor of the province, who reported to Captain General Don Ramón Blanco y Erenas who then ordered to fight and attack the revolutionaries.”

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