True History of the Conquest of New Spain

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788490075845
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True History of the Conquest of New Spain recounts the American experience of Bernal Díaz del Castillo. In 1514, when Bernal Díaz embarked for the New World, he had not yet turned twenty.
Three years later he participated in the expedition led by Hernán Cortés to Mexico. In it a few Spaniards, in just under two years, managed to defeat the Aztec Empire. Forty years later, Bernal Díaz recounts, with a desire for fidelity as tenacious as it is problematic, one of the expeditions that marked the Western imaginary.
This book recounts the challenges posed by power, the tactics of Cortés to approach the empire of Montezuma and, later, that of Cuauhtemoc. It also describes the clash of beliefs, the exploitation of the natives to obtain gold and other treasures, or the battles that were fought until the fall of Mexico.
The true history of the conquest of New Spain is, along with the

  • Diaries of Christopher Columbus,
  • the Relationship Letters of Hernán Cortés
  • and Father Bartolomé de las Casas ‘ Very Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies ,

if not a reliable account of what happened, yes one of the works of the literature of the Conquest, which best testify to the Western mentality of the time.
As Todorov pointed out, the conquest of America was

“The most amazing encounter in our history. In the ‘discovery’ of the other continents and of other men there is not really that feeling of radical strangeness” (The Conquest of America: The Problem of the Other),

It is quite possible that this radical strangeness was the only thing shared by the men who participated in that meeting.
The History of the True Conquest of New Spain is structured in small chapters of no more than five pages. In them he tells us a small independent episode that occurred during the conquest of Mexico.

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